Reset windows Administrator password

One of the most searched phrases online “How to reset Windows Administrator Password”

The most efficient way according to me is to somehow access the Command Prompt (MS-DOS) in Admin mode and reset the password for the desired User
There are many ways to do so, lets discuss some of them here in this article.

(Note: I assume you don’t wanna re-install your OS neigther do you have a password recovery disk with you, and you have access to atleast one account in this system)

Method A : Any Windows Version
Method Under Review …

Method B : Windows XP or Older Windows Version

Open command prompt and use the following commands exactly
– Copy C:\Windows\System32\logon.scr C:\Windows
– Copy C:\Windows\System32\Cmd.exe C:\Windows
– Del C:\Windows\System32\logon.scr
– Ren C:\Windows\System32\Cmd.exe logon.scr
– Restart your PC and wait at the login screen till you get the command prompt
– Now type the following commands
– Net User <username> <password>
– The next time you log into this system, you can use the password you set for the above username (preferably Admin Account)

Method C : Windows 2000 or Older Windows Version

– Type Control Userpasswords2 in the Run Dialogue Box or in the Command Prompt.
– This invokes a window which have options to reset User’s Passwords.

Method D : Windows 2000 or Older Windows Version

– You can enter into the Safe Mode By pressing F8 in the Boot Screen
– Now you might be able to see the default Administrator on the welcome screen
– Use this account to login ingto the OS and change the password for your desired user

Note: This won’t work if you created a password for this account too.

Method E : Use a third party tool to edit SAM file and reset or crack Admin Password

– Some Third Party Tools are available too, which can edit the SAM file and Reset or Crack the password.
– A list of the best of the tools coming soon on this section.