Run a ShareWare after its evaluation time is expired

Many of the programs we use are Sharewares i.e. after a certain period of time or certain number of uses it will expire and we will be unable to use them further until we format our Hard Drive. Using these tips will allow you using 85% of sharewares after the evaluation (and yeah, without the need of formating your system)

1. Change your System’s date to the previous one during which the shareware was working and your software might work again.
There’s evenn a tool “Run As Date”, which does the same thing. Most of the shareware uses this logic so those will work fine using this method

2. Uninstall the software and remove the registry keys it created eigther manually or by using a good regcleaner (CCLeaner for instance).
Install it again and it might work.

3. Some sharewares uses a file to keep track of the evaluation period and these are mostly stored in the Windows or System32 Directories by deleting this file, you can trick the shareware’s evaluation period counter as it will be reset.

4. One more thing that you can try is to keep a backup of the whole installation directory [When you install the s/w for the first time] and when the evaluation expires, replace whole installation directory and the s/w can be reset, as some applications make use of some file in their installation root itself for the expiration calculation.

5. If a tool is small and you run it very frequently, you may prevent the application from exiting [which will be the first run only] and Hibernate your system instead of Shutting it down.

Almost all sharewares can be tricked using any of the above methods, if it doesn’t, tha most generic way always helps (Formating the system :-))