How to bypass iwss or any such tool

IWSS – InterScan Web Security Suite is a product from TrendMicro. I am writing this article because while searching on the web, you will get loads of results on How to Crack, Bypass, Disable IWSS, which doesn’t actually tells you how to bypass IWSS

The thing is that its a firewall and there’s no such way in real to crack it[Unless you have access to the Admin Panel, which I suppose you don’t have, as you are searching for this]. So, the alternatives are as follows:

Before you read any further, I want to tell you clearly that, this isn’t a crack or something similar to that, these are just the alternatives which may help you to bypass this firewall

1. The first and very simple way is to try a proxy website [GOOGLE IT] and use the least popular one as those which comes at top will also be blocked by the IWSS Admin

2. Most of the institutes, which have a firewall installed for the users, have a separate proxy for them to access without any restrictions, So removing the proxy details may also help you to bypass it

3. You can use offsurf or similar s/w too

The fore mentioned ways can not only be used to try to bypass IWSS but any other such software too.


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