How to Draw a Cute Bat in PowerPoint

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Of-course, PowerPoint is no alternative for Photoshop, Still PowerPoint is not just limited to presentation, This tutorial shows exactly the same thing, we can use PowerPoint for other purposes like Graphics Designing too.

I still remember my first encounter with PowerPoint, during my school days, my Computer Teacher told me that PowerPoint is used to present your point powerfully. All these years, using PowerPoint for various purposes other than just presentation has made me realize how powerful PowerPoint[or any other tool] can be.

This tutorial shows you how to draw a cute bat using PowerPoint and how it can be enhanced using Pixlr to create your own wallpapers, logo, graphics…

Video Tutorial:

Download these Wallpapers:

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Create a Slideshow without any S/W

How to use notepad(or any text editor) for creating a  SlideShow ? Say, there’sa situation, your boss (senior) asks you to create a slideshow for some presentation, you don’t have your laptop, tab or smartphone and the one you have, there’s no slideshow s/w is Installed. But still you can impress your boss lets go with this tutorial for creating simple and instant SlideShow without even using PowerPoint or any such s/w for such

The steps goes as below:

  • Open Notepad (Or any text editor)
  • Type A Title and press “Enter”
  • Press “Tab” and type the contents without using “Enter”
  • After the contents are complete, Press “Enter”
  • Your first slide is generated, now repeat these steps to Add New Slides into your presentation.
  • Save as .ppt (or any other extension, you want to run the slideshow on), and that’s doneThe nice thing about this is that you can run this presentation on any OS (Windows, Mac or Linux)