How to Delete almost any Virus from Windows without an Anti Virus

99% of the Computer Users uses Antivirus Programs to prevent their system from being affected by viruses.
But, does that really prevent their computers from viruses? What if the Antivirus is not updated and is unable to detect/delete the virus?
You have go to your vendor or any other Computer Service Centre and the most probable thing is that they will have to format your system and reinstall the OS. What if you don’t have the backup, you will lose your important data.

Let me tell you some simple steps, through which you will be able to delete almost any virus without an AntiVirus (Which will improve your system’s performance too, as AntiViruses slows it down)

Before we procede, let me tell you what a Computer Virus really is…
A Computer Virus is just a program, which is meant to :
1. Send your personal information to someone (The Virus Developer OfCourse)
2. Slowing Down your system
3. Spread it to as many system as possible(Yeah, now that’s really annoying)
And the list goes on . . .

Many Computer Virus are made to steal User’s Information, but some are there just to annoy you, they don’t steal your information but affects your system’s performance (As I remember, The Dark Knight’s Dialogue “Some people just wants to see the world burn!”)

Virus is also a program so to delete a virus is as simple as deleting a program. The problem is that virus might block the ways to delete it. It might block :
1. The Registry
2. The Task Manager
3. Prevent Displaying The Hidden Files and Folders
4. Can even block an antivirus tool

In this scenerio, what you need to do is to use An External Utility which provides all these facilities (As the block will work only for Microsoft’s products mostly using the registry), I recommend “Tune Up Utilities (Latest Version)” Many freewares are also available which will work fine “Just Google It”.

Now after installing this product Launch and try to end the unknown process from The Process Manager and see their names and note their locations (mostly viruses are copied in C:\Windows\System32\), delete the unknown entries from the Startup List.
Now restart the computer and delete those virus files you noted using the process manager.
Rather than deleting them going into the locations, delete them by searching them from “My Computer” as opening the Drives might activate them again.
Search for “autorun.inf” and delete them too.
Now your system will be free from virus.

If you are unable to delete any files due to any restriction, you can always use a Linux Live Disc to Log-in into the system and delete these files from Linux.

* This works for almost all virus programs, Some advanced virus needs further steps. Keep checking the blog for more on this soon.

Sharing is Caring, do share this if you found it helpful.


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